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The importance of indemnities | FREE GUIDE

Sceptics have voiced concerns in the past about indemnities being used as an alternative to further investigation, but we’re confident there’s a necessary place for indemnities within some property transactions, whether that’s to protect against a missing FENSA certificate, or absent landlords, or even the Church of England knocking at your door.

The Law Society’s latest Conveyancing Protocol advise that, in some cases, indemnity insurance might be appropriate (such as defect in title).

At OneSearch, it’s in our nature to be on high alert when detecting and mitigating risk, and this is why our own PI claims history is impeccable. Risk prevention is our ethos, it always has been, and this is what makes us especially pleased about our relationship with global leaders Stewart Title.

We’ve written a short guide to highlight the top four considerations to make when choosing indemnity policies. In this guide, we look at why the right indemnity policies are essential for conveyancers, and can even help to save the day in challenging situations.

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