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Testimonials from Our Clients

Welcome to our testimonial page, where our valued clients share their experiences and insights about their journey with OneSearch. Discover what makes us stand out through the words of those who have experienced our commitment to excellence first-hand.

Sally Holdway Image

OneSearch are our goto partners in the Searches market.

Alongside their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, they have bestinbreed, digitally enabled products which support nextgen conveyancing and data analytic tools which the property industry is moving towards. They have been instrumental in allowing us to bring new concepts such as 30-day conveyancing and pre-emptive enquiries to market.

Sally Holdway

CEO, Teal Legal

Duncan Pattinson Image

In 2014, we partnered with OneSearch to create a tailored ‘We Help You Too’ search pack that simplifies the process for Homebuyers and Investors.

Over the years, OneSearch has excelled in its position as a client-centric company, prioritising efficient service for solicitors. They offer competitive pricing without compromising on service quality, and we readily recommend them to new solicitors joining the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel. Their ability to ease the disbursement burden and adapt to economic changes is invaluable, and being part of the wider Landmark family is a welcomed bonus.

Duncan Pattinson

Managing Director, Homebuyer Conveyancing

 Daniel Hamilton-Charlton Image

We were delighted to be able to work closely with OneSearch

and utilise their national network of agents and integrations to fulfil the orders for our clients. We have been fortunate to be able to take some unique products to the market, including Cash Buyer Express that has been a game changer for a number of our investor clients. We have been able to demonstrate a proactive approach to order fulfilment by working with OneSearch Direct and their support teams.

Daniel Hamilton-Charlton

CEO & Founder, Property Searches Direct

Stephen Crow Image

We previously used OneSearch under our old trading name of Direction Law

and are delighted to have seamlessly transitioned this working relationship in our new venture as Shared Direction Conveyancing. The searches available from OneSearch are essential for our client’s purchases to proceed, from basic to more comprehensive packages to meet the needs of our clients and the properties in question, such is the wide array of services that are offered on the easy-to-navigate website. OneSearch provides reliable and accurate timelines for results, and their responsive team is easily reachable. We highly recommend OneSearch for commercial and residential searches and look forward to our ongoing partnership.

Stephen Crow

Case Officer, Shared Direction Conveyancing

James Armstrong Image

I want to highlight the excellent service that your customer service team provided on one of Amicus Laws orders.

I raised a query relating to the Local Authority Search because it revealed that only one of the roads that abut the property was adopted, even though the other road was a long established ‘A’ road. The OneSearch customer service team quickly established that the property was located on the boundary of two local authorities, so they contacted the neighbouring local authority’s highways department who were able to confirm that the other road was in fact adopted. The purchase was time sensitive so the pro-active response from your team definitely helped us to get the purchase over the finish line within the agreed timescale. 

James Armstrong

Partner ‑ Head of Commercial Property, Amicus Law

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