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Future-proofed, technical excellence.

OneSearch is the UK’s leading data provider of property search information.

We do so much more than provide property search data. We ensure total confidence in the property search process for solicitors, conveyancers, and professionals of all kinds.

Experience shapes our services, while technical know-how delivers the property insights you want in the format you need.

This is quality-checked data, guaranteed – but it’s our provenance as a data provider that makes the real difference.

Our Culture

The OneSearch team is dedicated to delivering accuracy, and our leaders are committed to ensuring we make higher quality property searches easier for everyone. A great deal of this quality assurance hinges on the fact we’re totally data-centric – data is our life blood.

We’re constantly investing in cutting edge technologies, developing our expertise in a way that opens up the property information sector.

Everyone working at OneSearch is committed to delivering the ‘gold standard’ in property searches.

Data-centric. Completely.

We started collecting property search data in 1992 and have developed the closest working relationships with other key data curators and search teams, too. Our team is constantly updating in-house datasets to ensure rapid delivery of the most up-to-date property and land search information.

We’re also delivering those searches in a way that adds value to the property cycle. Behind the scenes, OneSearch’s technologies make it easier to order online, reduce your workload, and use the resulting property search information with your clients.

We’ve invested over £10 million in our datasets and search technology. It’s a combination of this technology, our Triple-Check methodology, and unparalleled expertise that makes us different. You’ll find quality first in everything we do.

Our Data
Vision Statement

Vision Statement

As we celebrate over 30 years in the industry, our company vision remains as resolute as ever: offer reliability, impact, and excellence to our customers and partners within the property industry.

Our vision

Meet the team

Our team of specialists draws from more than 30 years’ experience. Get to know us, tell us how we can support you most – using the best possible data to make it easier to get things moving.

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Elizabeth Jarvis

Managing Director

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Carol Gildea

Director of Operations

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Robin Wells

Head of Sales Operations

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Caroline Taylor

Finance Business Partner

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Joseph Holland

Finance Manager

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Carol Dodd

Customer Service Manager

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