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Severn Trent CON29DW Commercial Extra thumbnail
Severn Trent CON29DW Commercial Extra thumbnail
Severn Trent CON29DW Commercial Extra thumbnail
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Severn Trent CON29DW Commercial Extra

Supplied by: Severn Trent Water


Produced in collaboration with the Law Society, the CON29DW Commercial Extra combines all the same information customers are familiar with, with a new one-size-fits-all approach.

The CON29DW Commercial Extra will replace the current three-tier system, which comprises the Commercial Basic, Standard and Extra searches. The CON29DW Commercial Extra contains all the information included in the current premium Commercial Extra, along with two new questions and answers, up to four sets of billing details as standard.

The report confirms:

  • if the property is connected to mains water supply

  • if it is served by public sewers

  • if there are water mains or assets within the boundaries of the property

  • the basis for charging mains water supply and sewerage and which company supplies water to this area.

Launched by the Law Society, CON29DW is the official drainage and water enquiry and provides results which have the potential to affect the property’s value or title, eg, hidden infrastructure such as private water supplies or septic tanks.

The CON29DW is comprised of results from the following searches:

  • The Map of Public Sewers

  • The Map of Waterworks

  • Water and Sewerage billing records

  • Adoption of Public Sewer records

  • Building Over Public Sewer records

  • The Register of Properties subject to Internal Foul Flooding

  • Adoption of Public Water Mains records

  • The Register of Properties subject to Poor Water Pressure

  • The Drinking Water Register

The CON29DW consists of 23 standard questions answered by all water companies. It means that wherever the property is situated, the CON29DW enquiry will contain the same important property information.

Please note: This search does not include the OneSearch Guarantee of £10 Million PI Cover. If you would like this protection, please see our OneSearch DW.

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