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Spotlight Series | Meet Carolyn

We are delighted to present the latest in our Spotlight series with a very special member of the OneSearch family. Carolyn Galbraith belongs to our Data Team and has been with the company for an incredible 25 YEARS. Carolyn plays an instrumental part in our Data Methodology and we would like to recognise our utmost appreciation for everything she has done for the company.

Take it away Carolyn…

Have you always worked in Data, or have you been in different departments?

I joined the company, which was originally Stirrat Park Hogg, on 26th September 1995 just fresh out of college at the tender age of 19! I was a Roadie and Notices/Orders Co-ordinator, which took me to many Scottish Council Offices to collect Water, Drainage and Notice and Orders information. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and kept me on my toes as I dealt with Solicitors and Council’s on a daily basis, and made sure I obtained the relevant information required to produce a Property Enquiry Certificate.

I then moved to the Data team and now collate specific legislation from Council areas in England and Wales. It is a very busy department and all of my team members are a pleasure to work with. There have been a great many nights out and office parties that I will always fondly remember! smiley

Do you feel you get a good work/life balance with OneSearch?

I have been working from home for over a year and it has made an extremely positive impact on my family life and well-being. It has allowed me to get a puppy, which has cheered me up over the last 6 months.


When not in the office you can find me

  1. At the Park
  2. Watching Netflix
  3. The Gym (pre-covid)

My last meal on earth would be

  • Baked Potato with Marks and Spencer’s Cheese Coleslaw
  • Steak (medium rare) with Garlic Mushrooms and Mashed Potato
  • My mum’s Pavlova

Three things I would struggle to live without

  • Chocolate
  • Phone
  • Chocolate (Oh I already said that!)

Thank you Carolyn, we couldn’t do it without you! heart

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