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Spotlight Series | Meet Angela

Today’s spotlight shines on Angela, who is part of the ever-growing cohort of veterans in the OneSearch family, having been with the company for an incredible TWENTY ONE YEARS. Angela is our Deputy Data & Highways Manager and has consistently gone above and beyond, especially during this pandemic. Thank you, Angela!

Take it away…

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I’m sure everyone says this but no two days are ever the same – it would be rather dull if they were. There are lots of daily and weekly tasks, so you can find me swapping my Highways hat for my Data hat throughout the day.

Over a year ago, a typical working day started with the usual mad dash out the door to catch the train. Everyone has been struggling in their own ways with Covid, but I certainly don’t miss that train journey. Nowadays I have a much less hectic start to the day, logging in at 7am while the rest of the house sleeps, meaning a peaceful start. That is very short lived though, as the rest get up 7.30am. 

What’s the best thing about your job?

Wait… you want me to pick just one?


When not in the office, you can usually find me here:

Due to Covid you can usually find me at home on the sofa or, if Scottish weather permits, in the garden… on a garden sofa!

If Covid wasn’t in the equation you would find me socialising with family and friends, shredding and playing taxi driver to my overactive 12 year old.

Three things I would struggle to live without are:

  1. Family
  2. A decent decaf coffee and cake, or tea and biscuits… depends on the mood really
  3. The ability to explore the Scottish countryside or further afield when permitted

(Yeah that’s way more than three but it’s the simple things really!)

My last meal on earth would be… 

This is really hard… when it comes to picking a meal I’m so indecisive, so don’t think I could narrow it down to one meal or even a three-course. It would need to be a huge feast with loads of my favourite things. For me it would be more important who I shared my last meal with.

To finish, Angela would like to introduce us to her adorable bunnies, Jackson and Riggs. smiley

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