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Search delays costing clients

House sales are suffering due to massive delays at some Local Authorities. What’s worse is when the search brings back issues that require further investigation, such as enforcement notices or unknown planning decisions. That’s when the whole transaction is at peak risk of collapse.

We are already significantly faster than many councils (and this can be verified when adding searches to your basket on our ordering portal, as we always state turnaround times on our products), however, there are other options when time is of the essence. We can save your transaction through No Search Insurance, or through our revolutionary two-part search: OneSearch Duo.

OneSearch Duo is our two-part search, which returns most CON29 results within 24 hours. Part A: Alert allows you to make earlier enquiries on any issues that may be flagged up, before your Part B: Prime Regulated Local Search is returned in full.

Part A: Alert
Contains real-time Local Enquiries information captured by our in-house data team, usually returned within 24 hours.

  • Planning Decisions and Applications
  • Planning Designations and Proposals
  • Traffic, Road and Railway Schemes
  • Enforcement and Breach Notices
  • Conservation Areas
  • Land Acquisition

Part B: Prime
This is the full Regulated Local Search, which consists of enquiries obtained from the Local Authority.

  • Land Charges Summary
  • Building Regulations Approval
  • Roads and Highways
  • Backed by £10 Million PI Cover
  • Benefits from 6 years run off cover
  • Accepted by most Lenders


OneSearch Direct are currently the only company to hold a national database of most of the available CON29 data on every property in England and Wales. No other search provider has this unique dataset.

Now that you can easily obtain most CON29 enquiries back within a day, and help move your client’s progress along in a way that was previously unheard of, the question is: Why wouldn’t you use OneSearch Duo?

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