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Making highways fast

Why are there Highways delays?

Lockdown has had a huge impact on Local Authority service provision, incomparable to what we’ve seen in recent history.

Highways departments are still working from home at a reduced capacity resulting in very delayed response turnarounds. Some are even returning to lockdown. This is making it increasingly difficult to obtain the key adoption status information needed to inform a commercial property transaction.

How can OneSearch Direct help?

To avoid the significantly delayed process of waiting on an official Local Authority highways response, we recommend using Argyll Environmental’s SITE SOLUTIONS Highways report. The report is built from their unique database sourced from official Local Authority responses.

If the adoption status is public and the information is held on their database, then a report can often be turned around faster than the Local Authority.

  • 70% of reports provided in full after 10 working days  
  • Clear confirmation of adoption status (roads, paths & verges) based on official Local Authority responses
  • Clear map showing extent
  • Requests of specific nearby roads available
  • Information also on, proposed road works or traffic schemes and rights of way

Only when the road is unadopted, the status isn’t known or a verge is suspected do we need to speak to the Local Authority. In these cases, a report will be provided in line with Local Authority response times. However, for those that are closed, we can provide temporary line maps. 

Want to know more?

Landmark Academy are hosting a free webinar on 16th September at 12pm, discussing why it is important to consider highways as part of the conveyancing process and how Landmark can help make the process more efficient. Please click here to register

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