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[LATEST REPORT] Residential Property Trends, Q1 2024

The Q1 2024 release of Landmark’s Residential Property Trends Report is now available. This report contains the most recent data from the residential property transaction pipeline, covering listings, SSTC/SSTM, searches ordered and completions. 

Our latest data gives reason for cautious optimism: listing volumes remain strong, building steadily through Q1 ‘24 in England and Wales. Listing numbers in Scotland also began on a positive footing. 

Key findings from Q1 ‘24 include: 

  • In England and Wales, listing volumes in Q1 ‘24 were up 5% vs Q1 ’19. Listings in Scotland were down just 2% in Q1 ‘21 vs Q1 ‘19.  
  • SSTC volumes in England and Wales for Q1 ’24 tracked 32% below Q1 ‘19, with SSTM levels in Scotland 22% down vs Q1 ‘19.
  • Completion volumes in England and Wales for Q1 ‘24 were down 41% compared to Q1 ‘19 levels. In Scotland, completions were down 2% in Q1 ‘24 vs Q1 ‘19. 

Download the Cross Market Activity edition covering England, Wales and Scotland, unveiling the latest residential property market data and insight for Q1 ‘24.  

We trust you’ll find this report to be a valuable guide as we move into the second quarter of 2024.


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