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How to effortlessly retain clients across the home moving cycle

The easiest way for conveyancers to get repeat business from homebuyers

Are you thinking about how your law firm is going to manage over the coming months? 

30th June – The Stamp Duty deadline. As the Government has already lost over £500 million in taxes through the scheme, there are currently no plans to extend it further.

25th July – The school summer holidays start. When the world begins to open up, there may be many people who want to take a long-awaited holiday instead of saving for a house.

30th September – The furlough scheme is expected to end.  

  • There is no guarantee that employers will be able to keep all their staff. This concern may prevent a significant number of people from investing in a home. 
  • You may have staff returning to your own offices, and it’s important to have enough work for them to do. 

Whatever happens, we know volumes may not be sustainable at the current rate, and conveyancers are at risk of going from too much work to not enough. 

Don’t miss an opportunity – get alerted when a property you previously dealt with comes back on the market. 

Conveyancing Alerts, available from OneSearch Direct, notifies your firm when a property you bought for one of your clients in the last six years is put back on the market for sale.

You’ve already built a trusting relationship with your client, and they may have every intention to return to you for their next transaction. However, there are various reasons clients can “jump ship”, not least being swayed by other professional or personal recommendations. This is where Conveyancing Alerts comes into its own: it allows you to get your foot back in the door and engage with those who have first-hand experience of your exemplary service.

  • No referral fees
  • GDPR compliant
  • SRA and CLC compliant

Now you can take control of retaining clients across the home moving cycle

With real-time data updated daily, Conveyancing Alerts allows you to contact your client early in the sales process, avoiding referral fees, to retain their business for the sale of the property and, potentially, for any associated purchase. 

For further details and a count of how many of your former clients listed their properties for sale in the last 12 months, click here or call 01782 433270

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