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[Free Webinar] Planning: The impact of nearby development

Nobody wants to buy a property only to find soon afterwards that there is going to be a development or change in infrastructure.

The impact of nearby development can sometimes be overlooked, but could severely affect the use and enjoyment of a property as well as its value.

Free Webinar on Landmark Planning
Tuesday, February 16th at 11:00 AM

We would like to invite you to our latest webinar, which will provide conveyancers with examples of how nearby development can impact a property and how the ‘Landmark Planning’ report can help purchasers make more informed decisions. Paul Addison of DevAssist will also discuss real life examples, and the benefit of their interpretive planning assessment, DevAssess.

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The Landmark Planning report will give your clients details on whether there are nearby planning applications that may impact the property as well as any types of development that are currently being carried out in the area.

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