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Are you still worried about the SDLT deadline?

We recently ran a poll on our LinkedIn feed asking conveyancers: are you breathing a sigh of relief or do you feel the new SDLT measures are simply prolonging the pressure? How do you feel about the SDLT holiday extension and tapering? 

The biggest majority (55%) stated “More negative than positive”.

Whilst the Stamp Duty holiday extension prompted a sigh of relief for many homebuyers, it has also paved the way for a surge of buyers pushing for completion before the 30th June. The government’s new mortgage guarantee scheme, which will increase the availability of 95% LTV mortgage products, is set to galvanise first-time buyers, and put further strain on lenders already dealing with bottlenecks. 

Continued delays at various stages of the homebuying process means some buyers may still be unable to complete their transactions and benefit from the tax savings. This is predicted to result in fall throughs and broken chains. 

How can no-search insurance help? 

We believe our insurance policy, OneSearch Express, will allow you to complete on more property purchases. 

We understand completing without obtaining full searches carries an element of risk, and that some conveyancers have concerns about no-search insurance, so we want to share more information about our data-rich alternative, OneSearch Express, and go over the risks and benefits. 

At present, we know:  

  • Hackney Council’s turnaround time will already miss the new deadline.
  • Latest research shows it’s now taking an average of 295 days to sell a home.  
  • People may abandon their transaction if they cannot benefit from the SDLT holiday.
  • Not all conveyancers are aware of the OneSearch Express 0% claims record.

Complete more transactions with over 70% of the Local Authority data

Express is different from other indemnity policies. It’s a £1m insurance policy, and also includes over 70% of the data normally obtained from local authorities. We believe this, along with the TA6 Property Information form, gives you the best alternative to searches when you need to complete before SDLT deadline. 

Two key free resources to aid decision making  

We believe Express is a safer solution than standard no-search insurance policies. To address concerns that have traditionally accompanied no-search insurance, we want to be transparent about what exactly our Express insurance product is. 

  • How does Express protect your client? The OneSearch Direct Express policy will compensate your client for the difference between the price they paid for their property and any reduced value that results from previously unidentified issues which would have been revealed in a search. 
  • Protect your client and lender Not only will your client be covered for the entire period of ownership, but the bank, building society or other lending institution holding a mortgage or charge on the Property will also be protected for the full term of any mortgage or charge created during the owner’s Period of Cover or until such mortgage or charge is repaid, if later. 

We have put together two free factsheets that talks about the risks and benefits of using Express insurance: one for the conveyancer, and one for the homebuyer. We hope you can use these as guides for initiating discussions around no-search insurance and offer your clients alternatives as they look to complete on their transaction before the SDLT deadline.  

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