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Argyll SiteSolutions Farm thumbnail
Argyll SiteSolutions Farm thumbnail
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Argyll SiteSolutions Farm

Supplied by: Argyll Environmental

A specialist report featuring five key environmental risks, written and assessed by Environmental Consultants.

Key report benefits

Assessment accuracy
Every report is written and quality assessed by an expert consultant, using CIE compliant data and mapping

Ease of use
Main risks clearly summarised within an executive summary, allowing key information to be highlighted to the client easily and simply, including hyperlinks for fast navigation

Bespoke recommendations tailored to your transaction

Report author details on front page of every report. Professional Indemnity Cover of £10 million (terms and conditions apply)

A consultant’s value
• Expert opinion makes the difference between Passed and Further Action results

• Reports written in plain English to ensure main risks and recommendations are clear

• Our in-house team of consultants can provide guidance for any required next steps

Don’t leave it to chance – check before they buy

CASE STUDY: Couple Successfully sue their conveyancer after wind farm plans not picked up in searches.

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