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TerraSearch Assess thumbnail
TerraSearch Assess thumbnail
TerraSearch Assess thumbnail
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TerraSearch Assess

Supplied by: Terrafirma


TerraSearch Assess is a regulated “CON29M-Compliant” mining and ground risk report designed to inform and protect all parties within a property transaction. It uses enhanced data unavailable to the Coal Authority and other environmental report providers along with enhanced liability protection and expert interpretation to accurately quantify the risk to a property from all ground hazards, including; coal and non-coal mining, mineral planning, oil and gas (fracking), sinkholes and more.

What are the key features?

  • Regulated residential and commercial “CON29M-Compliant” mining and ground risk report, providing a single report for all ground hazards.
  • All official licensed Coal Authority (TCA), British Geological Survey, Environment Agency,
  • Ordnance Survey and Historical Mapping
  • Uses additional data sources unique to Terrafirma
  • Coal and Brine Report Indemnity Policy of up to £50,000 loss in market value of the property
  • Additional professional interpretation included within report and Site plan
  • Pass” or “Further Action” outcome with concluding statement to be inserted into a client care letter
  • Report author’s contact details provided for direct support queries
  • £10 million Professional Indemnity Policy per report
  • Delivered between 2 and 4 days

TerraSearch Assess Report is the first Combined Mining and Ground Risk report to include an expert assessment of all mining, mineral planning, fracking and sinkhole hazards based upon industry standard and innovative new data sources.

A professional opinion is also offered, protected by terms and conditions that include a £10 million Professional Indemnity Policy, ensuring the client is better covered from incorrect or missing information.

Estimated turnaround time: 5 - 10 days
Price (inc. VAT): £60.00

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