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TerraSearch Action (Mine Entry Interpretive) thumbnail
TerraSearch Action (Mine Entry Interpretive) thumbnail
TerraSearch Action (Mine Entry Interpretive) thumbnail
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TerraSearch Action (Mine Entry Interpretive)

Supplied by: Terrafirma


Terrafirma offer a suite of further actions to ensure the client is properly informed and diligent prior to purchase, development or investment.

If a further action is required, Terrafirma have developed a unique and extensive suite of next steps, including desk studies and site walkovers alongside recommendations and referrals for Site Investigations and RICS Building Surveys, tailored specifically to the on-Site risk and the client’s needs. A further action, if required, often makes up the most integral part of the search process, providing solutions through the mitigation and/or remediation of the identified risk(s).

TerraSearch Action Suite Includes

Phase 1 Desk Study:

These expert reports provide a comprehensive desk study for sites where the perceived risk is to be one that may impact life, value or development potential. The report seeks to mitigate the risk(s) or offer provision of recommendations and quotes for Site Investigations, undertaken by our nationwide network of trusted partners.

The range of reports includes:

  • Mine Entry Interpretive Report
  • Coal Mining Technical Report
  • Non-Coal Mining Technical Report
  • Combined Mining Hazards Technical Report
  • Claims Analysis Report
  • Cornwall Mining Report

Site Walkover:

Terrafirma’s team of Geo-Engineers are on-hand to provide Site Walkovers alongside our Phase 1 studies, to identify, confirm and interpret risks present on-Site, allowing for the mitigation of risk or providing suitable next steps for investigations and remediation works.

Building Surveys:

Terrafirma provide bespoke recommendations based on our interpretation of on-Site risks, detailing an appropriate Building Survey in accordance with the RICS three-tiered system and your specific needs. 

Site Investigation:

Terrafirma’s network of trusted partners provide nationwide expertise in the investigation, mitigation and remediation of mining and ground hazards through Site Investigations, overseen by Terrafirma. 

Please contact us for more details.

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