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The top 7 differences between personal and local searches

Are there any benefits of using a local search service for price, format and turnaround time? 

It’s an outdated misconception that personal local searches are somehow less reliable or don’t contain all the information of an official local authority search. 

At OneSearch Direct, we’re extremely proud of our OneSearch Prime service. We’ve worked hard to make it one of the most reliable ways of getting all the information you need from your local authority and presenting it in a clear, uniform format at a fixed price regardless of location.  

We consider the Prime Regulated Local Authority Search our flagship product and attribute its longstanding success to the way it meets the needs of our clients. 

By providing the information essential to every conveyancing transaction, OneSearch Prime will identify and confirm key information about a property which could impact the buying decision.

Fixed price, dedicated customer service support and standard £10 million PI Cover

Here are 7 reasons to choose OneSearch Prime Regulated Local Authority Searches: 

  1. Fixed price nationwide for easy and transparent pricing 
  2. £10 million PI Cover for all OneSearch Prime reports 
  3. Same clear, easy-to-read layout for all local authorities, with summary page upfront 
  4. Dedicated support teams give us the resilience to manage staffing, IT or resource challenges 
  5. Our customer service agents typically answer the phone within three rings, and work hard to resolve your query without putting you on hold 
  6. You can order all your searches on one, fully supported ordering platform 
  7. Highly trained and experienced customer service team is on hand 8:30 am to 5:00 pm to answer your queries 

Of course, for those who still want to order official searches, you can still do this through the OneSearch ordering platform, we just wouldn’t be able to offer the same turnaround times and price. 

With OneSearch Prime, ordering aRegulated Local Authority search is efficient and cost-effective 

One of the major benefits of ordering OneSearch Prime is the ease with which you can order all your searches at the same time. You don’t have to log on to multiple sites, repeating the same information. All your reports will be delivered to the same place, making case management easier and more efficient. 

OneSearch Prime was created to make your life easier and to add a layer of resilience to the delivery of your searches by applying a dedicated personal search team to the collection and collation of data. 

With OneSearch Prime, you can expect: 

  • High Quality Search – Database methodology, stringent quality control checks and experienced staff  
  • Standard Format – All OneSearch Prime searches are presented in a clear and uniform format 
  • Summary Page – The first page is colour-coded and highlights the most pertinent information  
  • Fixed Price – Our OneSearch Prime search costs the same, nationwide 
  • Cost-Effective – OneSearch Prime is more cost-effective in the majority of cases 
  • Protection – Our searches are backed by £10 million PI cover for errors and omissions in the Local Authorities records 
  • Lenders – OneSearch Prime is accepted by the majority of mortgage lenders in the UK, and in the unlikely event it isn’t, OneSearch Direct will switch your search to an Official Local Authority Search
  • Best yet, we will always try and accommodate urgent requests.

View our Official vs Regulated Local Authority search comparison table here.

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