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OneSearch Duo : 70% of your search within 24 hours

We’ve been speaking with clients to see how best we can accommodate you during these challenging times, and have found a common solution which we think could be of real benefit during lockdown and beyond.

A lot of transactions put “on hold” during lockdown has resulted in an upturn in volume now restrictions are lifted. This is putting further strain on many firms and local authorities who already have impacted turnaround times due to furlough or closure.

A productive alternative to a delayed search, or no-search insurance, is OneSearch Duo: a Regulated Local Authority search which is split into two parts, returning the majority of CON29 enquiries within 24 hours.

This allows you to investigate potential red flags from the outset, not after an already potentially long wait.

OneSearch Duo is made up of the following two reports:

  • Part A: Alert contains most CON29 data (over 70% of a Local Authority search), already captured in-house and typically returned within 24 hours.
  • Part B: Prime contains the full Regulated Local Authority search including the remainder of outstanding data, which is the Local Land Charges, Building Regulations and Highways. This report is refreshed at point of delivery, so will always contain the most up to date information.

OneSearch Duo: What’s inside?

Part A: Alert
Contains real-time Local Enquiries information captured by our 30-strong data team, usually returned within 24 hours. This includes:

  • Planning Decisions and Applications
  • Planning Designations and Proposals
  • Traffic, Road and Railway Schemes
  • Enforcement and Breach Notices
  • Conservation Areas
  • Land Acquisition

Part B: Prime
This is the full Regulated Local Search, which consists of enquiries obtained from the Local Authority.

  • Land Charges Summary
  • Building Regulations Approval
  • Roads and Highways
  • Backed by £10 Million PI Cover
  • Benefits from 6 years run off cover
  • Accepted by most Lenders

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Lidia Quinlan, Head of Sales, comments:
When you’ve already waited a long time for your local search to come back, it’s highly frustrating when it brings back issues that require further investigation, such as enforcement notices or unknown planning decisions. After a potentially long lockdown drought, this extra hold up could become unacceptable, and can put already fragile transactions at risk of collapse.



How are we able to return so much data within 24 hours?
Here at OneSearch, we capture proposed, confirmed and even withdrawn notices and orders. By the time a search is requested, we will already have an extensive back catalogue surrounding a client’s property. You can find out more about our data methodology here.

No other search provider has this unique dataset, and we are immensely proud to be able to offer OneSearch Duo to our clients in this time of need. Not only does the search benefit from our Triple Quality Check methodology, it is also backed by £10 Million PI Cover, which further benefits from 6 years run off cover.


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