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Landmark Energy and Infrastructure


SiteSolutions Energy and Infrastructure provides an accurate search for residential and commercial properties for a number of selected Energy and Infrastructure projects across the UK. Use this report to better understand the potential effects and what next steps you can take to better understand any risks.

What does it cover?

Datasets include:

  • High Speed 2 data - track and station details, safeguarding and compensation scheme zones
  • Areas licensed by DECC for on-shore energy exploration and production
  • The location of wind farms and wind turbines
  • Crossrail - track and station location (phase 1) and safeguarding.
  • The location of solar farms
  • The location of other renewable power plants

The Energy & Infrastructure report has been designed to complement existing planning reports by alerting users to the presence of key energy and infrastructure projects.

Argyll SiteSolutions Combined Commercial

A premium environmental search which combines a detailed contaminated land risk assessment with a flood risk assessment. Designed for high value or complex commercial transactions including redevelopment deals.

What’s included:

  • Front page risk summary and clear ‘next steps’
  • Consultants manual review and commentary of all the risks
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Contaminated land risk analysis
  • Includes writers name and contact details

Key features

  • Main risks clearly summarised, allowing lawyers to cut and paste key information for their clients.

Risk assessment

  • Clear executive summary highlighting both contaminated land liability and flood risk
  • Intelligent risk assessment and commentary by experts in the interpretation of environmental data. This skill can make the difference between Passed and Further Action results.
  • Expert manual review of high detailed historical maps
  • Current operations section covers regulatory compliance
  • Additional Considerations section details other pertinent factors that may affect the site
  • Includes a robust ECORISK Assessment which considers all the ecological receptors listed in the Statutory Guidance
  • Flood risk assessment incorporates risks from rivers/sea, surface water, groundwater and historical flood events. Supplemented with a consultants commentary

Argyll SiteSolutions Commercial


Designed for High value transfers, and suitable for any type of commercial property, SiteSolutions Commercial is the most advanced contaminated land risk screening report.

Use this report to understand:

  • If historic activities could result in liability for the property owner under relevant contaminated land regime
  • If remediation is likely to be required
  • If environmental permits are held for the property or by neighbouring properties
  • If current operations in the surrounding area could cause contamination of the property
  • If ecological receptors could be affected by site operations
  • The potential for liability under the Environmental Damage Regulations


Argyll SiteSolutions Farm

A specialist report featuring five key environmental risks, written and assessed by Environmental Consultants.

Key report benefits

Assessment accuracy
Every report is written and quality assessed by an expert consultant, using CIE compliant data and mapping

Ease of use
Main risks clearly summarised within an executive summary, allowing key information to be highlighted to the client easily and simply, including hyperlinks for fast navigation

Bespoke recommendations tailored to your transaction

Report author details on front page of every report. Professional Indemnity Cover of £10 million (terms and conditions apply)

A consultant’s value
• Expert opinion makes the difference between Passed and Further Action results

• Reports written in plain English to ensure main risks and recommendations are clear

• Our in-house team of consultants can provide guidance for any required next steps

Don’t leave it to chance – check before they buy

CASE STUDY: Couple Successfully sue their conveyancer after wind farm plans not picked up in searches.

Flood Solutions Consult Commercial

The Flood Solutions Consult report is used to provide a more detailed analysis of risk than a standard desktop. Beyond flood risk extents, the report looks at the significance of a flood event by assessing the anticipated flood depths across the Site.


Flood Risk

  • A fully manually assessed, site specific flood report provided by an environmental consultant
  • Clear professional opinion, including a summary of the type of flood risk, maximum flood water depth and property impact
  • Analysis of the most suitable means of mitigating risk and protecting the property.
  • Review of flood risk on access and escape
  • Contact with a Consultant at Argyll Environmental


Revised flood risk assessment based upon the expected depths of flooding at the property

FloodSolutions Commercial


Designed for high value transfers, use this report to find out the overall risk of flooding with and without defences. Know if a full Flood Risk Assessment is required for development under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Get an indication as to whether the flood risk means insurance will be harder to obtain and premiums could be high. Lastly, get details of flood protection and mitigation measures that are available, which could reduce the risk to your property.

What's included?

  • Front page consultant’s overview
  • Clear findings and recommendations
  • Full river, coastal, groundwater and surface water analysis
  • Manually assessed by Argyll Environmental Consultants
  • Professional Indemnity Cover of £10 million

Flooding has a huge impact on businesses, many of which do not recover due to the severe disruption. FloodSolutions Commercial is the only flood risk report  that you should trust to give you an  accurate and affordable view of all types of major flooding.

SiteSolutions Highways


For every transaction it is critical to investigate the adoption status of roads surrounding a site. Failure to identify flaws in the adoption status (confirming maintenance responsibility) can cause delays to the transaction as well as pose a risk to the purchaser’s future plans for the site. This report provides an insight into planned changes to roads and rights of way affecting commercial sites and residential properties.

What does it cover?

  • Road maintenance status
  • Footpath maintenance status
  • Verge maintenance status
  • Traffic schemes & orders
  • Scheduled roadworks
  • Existing public rights of way
  • Proposed amendments to public rights of way

Backed by £10m professional indemnity cover, SiteSolutions Highways includes data sourced from the relevant County Council & Local Authorities across England & Wales, up to 15 hectares.

Because we digitise all Local Authority responses, we will get 100% clarity on any initially unclear Local Authority responses before adding to our database. There is no need for you as a lawyer to chase the Highways department, anymore.


Don’t wait, Make Highways Clear



What would you rather show your client?
An accurate digitised response or a poor example of trying to colour within the lines?

picture 2


Key features    

  • Clear confirmation of adoption status (roads, paths & verges) based on official Local Authority responses
  • Clear map showing extent
  • Requests of specific nearby roads available
  • Information also on, proposed road works or traffic schemes and rights of way 


Because we digitise all Local Authority responses, Site Solutions Highways provides clarity where wax crayons won’t.

Please view sample report and product card for full details.

SiteSolutions Residence


Designed for large or high value residential properties, SiteSolutions Residence provides an assessment of contaminated land, flood and subsidence risk, along with Energy & Infrastructure alerts.

Data includes:

  • Detailed information about telecommunication base stations and overhead transmission lines
  • The UK’s most comprehensive landfill data
  • Comprehensive natural hazards data including the most recent radon data and subsidence claims
  • Risk and likely depth of surface water flooding, a major cause of flooding in urban areas – used by the Environment Agency and Local Authorities for emergency planning and development purposes
  • The latest National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) data from the Environment Agency – recommended by the Association of British Insurers as a reliable indication of insurability for residential properties
  • Unique dam break data from JBA Risk Management –identifies flood risk from failed local dams and reservoirs

Main risks are clearly summarised, allowing lawyers to cut and paste key information for their clients. 

Estimated turnaround time: Approximately 1 day
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