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Sitecheck Flood thumbnail
Sitecheck Flood thumbnail
Sitecheck Flood thumbnail
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Search Advisor recommends this product to address the following potential hazards:

Sitecheck Flood

Supplied by: Landmark


Sitecheck Flood is a fully interpreted flood risk report providing commercial advice, analysing the latest data from JBA Risk Management, GeoSmart Information Ltd, Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, and British Geological Survey – used by insurers and regulatory bodies.

Designed for commercial properties, agricultural land or more valuable residential properties, the report includes an assessment of all the major types of flooding in the UK and will provide clear recommendations of what you can do if an elevated flood risk is identified.

Use this report to understand: 

  • The principal flood risks at your site
  • The risk of flooding from rivers and sea when flood defences are operational but also when they are absent, fail or are over-topped
  • The risk of flooding from surface water flooding 
  • The risk of flooding from groundwater
  • Whether there have been any historical flood events close to the site
  • Whether the overall flood risk at the site could have an impact on your ability to obtain flood risk insurance without having to pay high premiums

With approximately 185,0001 commercial properties at risk in England and Wales, and 9,0002 of those affected by the summer 2007 floods, an accurate and comprehensive flood risk assessment for commercial properties is essential to ensure that you and your clients avoid the potential cost and inconvenience of flooding.

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