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SiteSolutions Highways

Supplied by: Argyll Environmental


For every transaction it is critical to investigate the adoption status of roads surrounding a site. Failure to identify flaws in the adoption status (confirming maintenance responsibility) can cause delays to the transaction as well as pose a risk to the purchaser’s future plans for the site. This report provides an insight into planned changes to roads and rights of way affecting commercial sites and residential properties.

What does it cover?

  • Road maintenance status
  • Footpath maintenance status
  • Verge maintenance status
  • Traffic schemes & orders
  • Scheduled roadworks
  • Existing public rights of way
  • Proposed amendments to public rights of way

Backed by £10m professional indemnity cover, SiteSolutions Highways includes data sourced from the relevant County Council & Local Authorities across England & Wales, up to 15 hectares.

Because we digitise all Local Authority responses, we will get 100% clarity on any initially unclear Local Authority responses before adding to our database. There is no need for you as a lawyer to chase the Highways department, anymore.


Don’t wait, Make Highways Clear



What would you rather show your client?
An accurate digitised response or a poor example of trying to colour within the lines?

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Key features    

  • Clear confirmation of adoption status (roads, paths & verges) based on official Local Authority responses
  • Clear map showing extent
  • Requests of specific nearby roads available
  • Information also on, proposed road works or traffic schemes and rights of way 


Because we digitise all Local Authority responses, Site Solutions Highways provides clarity where wax crayons won’t.

Please view sample report and product card for full details.

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