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Search Advisor recommends this product to address the following potential hazards:
Drainage and WaterDrainage and Water

OneSearch DW

Supplied by: OneSearch Direct


A key report in residential transactions, OneSearch DW is an essential part of the conveyancing process. It is imperative that you are able to tell your client: 

  • What is your client’s liability for the maintenance of drainage & water pipes?
  • Does their property connect to the public sewer?
  • How close to the property is the public sewer?

Key features

  • Added insurance policy to cover against unavailable data
  • Clear, uniform design similar to OneSearch Prime
  • New summary page, for ease of interpretation
  • Fixed fee, nationwide
  • Backed by £10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance

The report consists of two main sections: Drainage Enquiries and Water Enquiries.

Drainage Enquiries

  • Confirmation of sewerage undertaker Extract of public sewer map
  • Surface water connection
  • Adoption status
  • Drainage assets within boundary
  • Distance of public sewer to any building within the property
  • Foul Sewer Connection

Water Enquiries

  • Confirmation of water undertaker Map of waterworks
  • Mains water connection Adoption status
  • Water assets within boundary

The addition of insurance, from Stewart Title Ltd, means our search is now an even more comprehensive alternative to the CON29DW. The following questions will be insured:

  • Q2.4.1: Does the public sewer map indicate any pumping station or any other ancillary apparatus within the boundaries of the property?
  • Q2.5.1: Does the public sewer map indicate any public pumping station or any other ancillary apparatus within 50 meters of any buildings within the property?
  • Q2.8: Is the building which is or forms part of the property, at risk of internal folding due to overloaded public sewers?
  • Q2.9: Please state the distance from the property to the nearest boundary of the nearest sewage treatment works?
  • Q3.4: Is the property at risk of receiving low water pressure or flow?
  • Q4.5: Will the basis for charging for sewerage and water services at the property change as a consequence of a change of occupation?

This search is backed by a comprehensive PI policy, which will safeguard solicitors against any mistakes that may originate from water company datasets. It will also extend the same protection against the unlikely event of errors and omissions by OneSearch Direct. Security is further strengthened with the inclusion of 6 years run-off cover, which ensures that any relevant claims are still honoured.

OneSearch Direct subscribe to the Search Code, which is regulated and monitored by the Property Code Compliance Board (PCCB).

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