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LM04 from LENDERmonitor

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The Lenders’ Handbook is quite simply the instructions we receive from our most important clients – the lenders who fund most purchases.

The requirements of the Handbook are not optional
They govern the majority of conveyancing transactions and a failure to adhere to its contents could render a firm liable to the lender in the event of default by the buyer.

Many lawyers execute a Certificate of Title (CoT) with a fair degree of trepidation. An important fact lost on some fee earners is that by signing the CoT, the lawyer is certifying compliance with all the requirements set out in the Lenders’ Handbook. The implications are significant.

LM04 from LENDERmonitor

The LM04 enables conveyancers to easily carry out a search before submitting their COT to the Lender and ensure that they are aware of changes to the Policy that may expose them to risk.

A search of the Lender Policy Database is typically carried out just prior to the request to drawdown funds and covers the period from when the documentation on the transaction was first reviewed. If changes have occurred during this period, the Search will highlight the original and new text within the relevant sections of the Policy. 

If no changes have occurred, the search results will reflect this as well. Shortly after you submit the search request, the results will be emailed as a PDF.

Estimated turnaround time: Approximately 1 day
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