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Groundsure Flood

Supplied by: Groundsure


According to the Environment Agency, over 5 million people in England and Wales live and work in properties that are at risk of flooding.

It is not only tidal and river flooding that needs to be considered. More often it can be groundwater and pluvial (surface water) that cause, or contribute, to the issue. This report provides a detailed assessment of flood risk, and the impacts flooding could have on your client’s property. 

What does it cover?

  • River and Coastal flood risk data from the Environment Agency including RoFRaS, Flood Defences and Proposed Flood Defence Schemes 
  • Surface water (pluvial) flood risk data from JBA Risk Management 
  • Groundwater flooding susceptibility data from the British Geological Survey 
  • Recorded Historic Flood Events 
  • Flood risk insurability likelihood provided by JBA Risk Management 

The report includes unique Groundsure risk analysis as well as a view on flood risk insurability and offers access to IEMA qualified environmental consultants for further advice and support. 

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