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Groundsure Estate thumbnail
Groundsure Estate thumbnail
Groundsure Estate thumbnail
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Search Advisor recommends this product to address the following potential hazards:
Mining And SubsidenceMining And Subsidence
Subsidence RiskSubsidence Risk

Groundsure Estate

Supplied by: Groundsure


Groundsure Estate is designed to protect residential investors against environmental risks and liabilities associated with the purchase of large sites. Groundsure Estate uses a polygon-based search on large-site residential properties to identify potential environmental risks across the whole site (up to 10ha), providing you with a property specific assessment.

What does it cover?

  • Access to the most robust and high quality Groundsure data including the unique Historical Land Use Database
  • Up-to-date environmental permit, incidents and registers data
  • Hydrogeology and hydrology information
  • Screening for flood risk and ground stability
  • Designated environmentally sensitive sites

Groundsure Estate addresses The Law Society's requirements on contaminated land under Part 2A of 1990's Environmental Protection Act.

Estimated turnaround time: 3 - 5 days
Price (inc. VAT): £118.80(TBC)

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