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FCI Flood Appraisal - Residential thumbnail
FCI Flood Appraisal - Residential thumbnail
FCI Flood Appraisal - Residential thumbnail
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FCI Flood Appraisal - Residential

Supplied by: Future Climate Info


The FCI Flood Appraisal is a property specific, fully manually assessed report, delivering a detailed analysis of the flood risk. It has been designed specifically to provide additional insight following a ‘Further Action’ flood risk result on an initial environmental search report, and to satisfy the requirements of the Law Society Flood Practice Note in obtaining suitable further information.

Derived from complementary data sources and flood mapping, coupled with expert independent insight from Ashfield Solutions Group’s experienced team, the report provides clarity, and ultimately makes those all-important property acquisition or investment decisions that much easier.

  • Manual Assessment: by a qualified Flood Consultant.
  • Professional Opinion: with clear Outcomes and details of Revised Flood Risk.
  • Property-Specific: considers additional factors (e.g. Ground Levels, Property Thresholds or the presence of Basements) as part of the assessment.
  • Location Context: review of Property Photography (where available or provided).
  • Key Research: review of Local Authority Records and Planning Applications.
  • Local Attributes: details of Flood Defences and Flood Warning / Alert History.
  • Forward Planning: advice on potential Redevelopment Constraints & Occupation / Operational Risks.
  • Robust Due Diligence: complies with the Law Society’s Flood Risk Practice Note.
  • Clear Recommendations: given where required for appropriate Resilience or Resistance measures.
  • Outcomes: summary of potential Impacts, and a clear Insurability Statement.

Please view product card and sample report for full details.

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