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Ball Clay MiningBall Clay Mining

Dorset Ball Clay

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When buying a property in Dorset, it is recommended that you obtain a Dorset Ball Clay report to determine whether the property may be affected by risk of subsidence from past, current or proposed winning or working of china clay or ball clay.

Ball clay is regarded as a mineral of national importance because of its special qualities and rare occurrence. Around 20% of the annual UK production of ball clay, which is just over one million tonnes, comes from Dorset.

Dorset Ball Clay searches reveal details of:

  • Proposals for winning or working of china clay or ball clay within the vicinity of the property
  • Any recorded ownership of minerals beneath the property by member companies of the Kaolin and Ball Clay Association (UK)
  • Known past china clay or ball clay workings which may affect the property
  • Active or dormant planning approvals for future winning or working of china clay or ball clay which may impact the property

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