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Biometric AML with NFC

Supplied by: Identity Checker


The newest addition to our digital due diligence product list is Biometric AML with NFC, our Land Registry Safe Harbour compliant AML check.

Using existing NFC chips built into modern ID documents and passports, Biometric AML uses encrypted, digitally-signed data for an increased layer of credential authentication, giving you a stress-free and fully compliant AML check solution. 

Backed by Yoti, Biometric AML with NFC allows you to gather all relevant ID documents via secure encryption; just enter your clients’ contact details, and they do the rest.  

How does it work? 

  • After completing the order, your client is sent a link via email or SMS to download the YOTI app, which they can
    open on any compatible^ smartphone.
  • Your client is guided through document uploading, while AI-enabled and expert-led authenticity checks are
    carried out.
  • A quick selfie on the smartphone camera will be compared against the ID document, and can spot marks, fakes, or impersonations.
  • The app will scan the ePassport chip using near-field communication (NFC) technology, and match against the data provided.


  • Your clients can verify their ID from their own home; all they need is their smartphone and up-to-date documents: no need for in-branch visits and endless paper form-filling.
  • Safe Harbour compliant - checks adhere to the latest HM Land Registry digital identity standards.
  • Failed reports are manually reviewed before being returned, and Identity Checker support is available for your client throughout the process.
  • A completed AML report is returned to you, typically within just 15 minutes. Automatic reminders will be sent to your client, so you don’t have to chase.
  • Address verification by TransUnion 
  • Always keep track of your client’s progress and be notified when checks are complete.

Click here for our Biometric AML product

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