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OneSearch Prime Commercial

Supplied by: OneSearch Direct


Our Commercial Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Search is the flagship product to which we attribute our longstanding success.

An essential part of every conveyancing transaction, OneSearch Prime will identify and confirm particulars about a property, which could have an impact its enjoyment or value.

  • Regulated personal local search on an individual property
  • Combines Local Land Charges and CON29 Part 1 search
  • Fixed fee, nationwide
  • Accepted by the majority of UK lenders
  • Backed by £10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority Compliant

 The search consists of:

  • A search of the Local Land Charges Register; and
  • Local Authority responses designed to mirror the questions on the Law Society’s form CON29 Part 1 (Standard Enquiries of Local Authority) (known as “Local Search Enquiries”).

Why OneSearch Prime?

  • Quality – Our database methodology, stringent quality control checks and experienced staff ensures the quality of our reports.
  • Standard Format – Our Regulated Local Authority Search is presented in a clear and uniform format, regardless of Local Authority.
  • Summary Page – The first page of the report has a well-defined summary page, detailing the most essential matters of the report upfront. It also has colour coding for ease of reference.
  • Fixed Price – The price of our Regulated Local Authority Searches (OneSearch Prime) is the same fixed price nationwide, meaning that you can quote without having to refer to Local Authorities for individual prices.
  • Cost Effective – Regulated Searches are more cost effective than Official Local Authority Searches in the majority of cases.
  • Protection – Our Regulated Searches are backed by £10 Million PI cover for errors and omissions in the Local Authorities records.
  • Lenders – Our Regulated Searches are accepted by the majority of mortgage lenders in the UK. Less than 1% of smaller lenders do not accept Regulated Searches. In the unlikely event that this occurred, OneSearch Direct would swap your Regulated Search for a Local Authority Search. Please click here to find out which lenders accept personal searches.

OneSearch Direct subscribe to the Search Code, which is regulated and monitored by the Property Code Compliance Board (PCCB).

Official vs Regulated Local Searches: What’s the difference?

When it comes to personal search vs local authority search, there are key differences. Click here to view our comparison table.

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