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Landmark Coal thumbnail
Landmark Coal thumbnail
Landmark Coal thumbnail
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Landmark Coal

Supplied by: Landmark


The Landmark Regulated Coal Report is a CIE Regulated assessment of coal risk that provides a detailed assessment regarding environmental or ground stability hazards resulting from past, current or future underground or opencast mining activities. It also includes information relating to subsidence claims, mine entry points, surface hazards and mining geology that may impact on a property.

What’s included

  • The Landmark Regulated Coal Report assesses the impact of the following:
    • Automated ‘Zones of Influence’ calculations
    • Potential mining risk areas
    • Mining abandonment plans
    • Mine entries
    • Mining Geology
    • Underground workings
    • Underground roadways
    • Opencast mining
    • Subsidence claims
    • Surface hazards
    • Mine gas incidents
  • Includes a Professional Opinion on next steps if hazards are found
  • Answers and provides expert opinion on all 11 CON29M questions as set out by the Law Society
  • Additional appendices will provide interpretive answers where mine entries and/or subsidence claims are referred to in the report
  • Simple ‘traffic light’ summary provides instant clarity on report findings
  • User friendly informative sections to explain the nature of any risk

Delivering mining insight and assurances

Landmark Regulated Coal powered by PinPoint supports property solicitors, lenders and clients by providing expert intelligence and interpretation regarding mining-related hazards. It does so in an easy to read and understand report that advises on the potential impact mining activity may have on the property in question.

Why choose Landmark’s Regulated Coal Report?

  • Automated service delivers accuracy, speed, capacity and consistent pricing
  • Data independently verified and tested for accuracy
  • Technical queries are handled by industry professionals and experts e.g. Minerals Surveyor
  • Accurate reporting of risks, even in areas known by The Coal Authority to be problematic
  • Meets extensive due diligence requirements
  • All Landmark Regulated Coal reports are signed-off by PinPoint Director Phil Huddleston MRICS Chartered Mineral Surveyor, former Head of Mining Information at The Coal Authority
  • Includes underground roadways, mineral screening and mining geology as standard
  • Brine risk insurance provides peace of mind
  • Expert analysis and assessment at a cost effective rate

Please view sample report and product card for further details.

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