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Ground Stability Report - Commercial thumbnail
Ground Stability Report - Commercial thumbnail
Ground Stability Report - Commercial thumbnail
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Search Advisor recommends this product to address the following potential hazards:
Ball Clay MiningBall Clay Mining
Brine ExtractionBrine Extraction
CO2 PipelineCO2 Pipeline
Mining And SubsidenceMining And Subsidence
Subsidence RiskSubsidence Risk
Tin MiningTin Mining

Ground Stability Report - Commercial

Supplied by: Coal Authority


The ground stability report identifies the environmental and stability risk arising from any past, current or proposed underground or surface coal mining activity that affects a property.

As well as all the information contained in a standard CON29M Coal Authority report, this Ground Stability report also identifies property-specific information on the potential hazards related to natural subsidence, including:

  • Shrinkable clay
  • Running sand
  • Compressible and collapsible deposits
  • Potential landslide activity
  • Soluble rocks within the enquiry boundary

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