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DevAssess Premium and Sitecheck Planning thumbnail
DevAssess Premium and Sitecheck Planning thumbnail
DevAssess Premium and Sitecheck Planning thumbnail
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DevAssess Premium and Sitecheck Planning

Supplied by: Landmark


This combined product includes DevAssess Premium and Sitecheck Planning.

1. DevAssess Premium

This report offers an in-depth professional opinion on the risk of development for large residential and commercial properties. It is suitable for sites from 0.25 acres to 40 acres and includes:

  • Relevant planning history of the subject property
  • Identification of relevant historic planning applications 75m from the boundaries
  • Planning data included at no extra cost
  • Explanation of emerging and adopted Local Plan Policy
  • Identification of potential future development sites where no relevant planning history exists
  • Identification of land allocated for development where no relevant planning history exists
  • Detailed study of the SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) sites currently being considered for future allocation
  • Study of current and potential gypsy / traveller sites
  • A search for changes to nearby infrastructure
  • Identification of development potential of the subject property
  • OS Mapping identifying potential development sites
  • Aerial Photography

2. Sitecheck Planning

Sitecheck Planning provides extensive information on planning applications within 500m of the property. It also includes a development plan tracker, listing current and emerging development plans published by Local Authorities as well as the latest flooding data.

Designed for commercial sites, use this report to understand:

  • What types of development are currently being carried out in the area
  • Whether there are nearby planning applications that may impact the site
  • How the area might change over the coming years
  • What future uses of land are being proposed for nearby areas

What’s Included

  • Planning Applications
  • Land use designations
  • Rights of way
  • Housing and neighbourhood demographics
  • Amenities and education

Whilst standard local authority searches are restricted to the property in question, it is crucial to investigate the surrounding area to identify changes that could have an impact on the commercial premises or site. This report will provide a summary of Planning applications in the area surrounding the site, as well as interpretation of local development plans, giving an insight into the local authority’s vision for future development in the area.

Please view sample reports for more details.

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