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Council Sourced LLC1 & Con29 Commercial thumbnail
Council Sourced LLC1 & Con29 Commercial thumbnail
Council Sourced LLC1 & Con29 Commercial thumbnail
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Council Sourced LLC1 & Con29 Commercial

Supplied by: Local Authority


We can obtain the Commercial Official Local Authority (Council) Search, also known as local land charges search or local search, on your behalf. As with OneSearch Prime, the Council Local Authority (Official) Search consists of:

  • A search of the Local Land Charges Register (LLC1)
  • CON29 Enquiries (also known as “Local Search Enquiries”)

Please note the following requirements for this search:

  • Price varies by council area
  • Please include a plan showing the property/plot boundary
  • For Additional Part II options, please click here

This option is for a search of the subject property only, and does not include the OneSearch Guarantee of £10 Million Professional Indemnity Cover. If you would like a search backed by this comprehensive PI policy, which will safeguard solicitors against any mistakes that may originate from council datasets, please click here.

What are Land Charges?

Local land charges are obligations affecting a property, which are enforceable against subsequent purchasers of that property under various statues. These may include:

  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Certain enforcement notices
  • Planning obligations
  • Designation as a Conservation Area

The Land Charges Search obtains a report of any entries in the Register of Local Land Charges created, updated and maintained by the Local Authority as required under the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and subsequent legislation.

What are Local Search Enquiries?

Local Search Enquiries deals with entries not registered as a Land Charge by the Local Authority, though which do affect the subject of the search. These may include: 

  • Planning Applications 
  • Nearby Road, Rail and Traffic Schemes  
  • Compulsory Purchase 
  • Contaminated Land 
  • Radon Gas

Need a search fast?

Our comprehensive database of CON29 information is meticulously interrogated and can usually generate search results faster than a traditional council search. Click here to learn more.

Official vs Regulated Local Searches: What’s the difference? 

When it comes to personal search vs local authority search, there are key differences. Click here to view our comparison table.

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