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Coal Authority Subsidence Claims History

Supplied by: Coal Authority


The Coal Authority Subsidence Claims History report is a unique, bespoke report on the details of an individual subsidence claim.

The unique database has been created using thousands of individual claims, dating back to 1994 when the Coal Authority took over the managing of coal mining related subsidence claims.

The database is updated every 24 hours as new cases of subsidence are reported and progressed through inspection and determining whether the Coal Authority is liable for a claim.

Why you need it

If a subsidence claim is identified in the Coal Authority's official, Law Society approved CON29M, Ground Stability or Enviro All-in-One report within a property boundary, or in the wider area using our Subsidence 50m Buffer report, the Subsidence Claims History provides details on the claim from the Coal Authority's unique subsidence claims archive.

What’s included

Each report will include information available for the following:

  • detailed report on the claim of the property, within the enquiry boundary
  • copies of damage notices for the property
  • inspection reports
  • schedules of repairs undertaken
  • information surrounding non-coal related damages
  • copies of relevant correspondents with claimants

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