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CON29M Coal Authority Report thumbnail
CON29M Coal Authority Report thumbnail
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Search Advisor recommends this product to address the following potential hazards:

CON29M Coal Authority Report

Supplied by: Coal Authority


If your client’s residential property is situated in an area where there is past, present, or anticipated coal mining activity, it is imperative that you obtain this Coal Authority report. Property near to past mining activities may be at risk of subsidence or damage, and could also suffer from reduced value or increased buildings insurance premiums.

The coal report discloses:

  • historic and current underground mining activity
  • proposed underground and opencast mining activity for which licenses have been granted
  • historic and current opencast mining activity
  • coal reserves in the area which may be suitable for future working but which have not been subject to license and planning application consents
  • mine entry shafts within 20m of the subjects
  • subsidence damage notices or claims made since 1st January 1984
  • Preventative Works Notice under S.33 of the Coal Mining Subsidence Act 1991
  • Stop Notices
  • surface faults or weaknesses which may affect the stability of the property

Information provided by the Coal Authority in this report is compiled in response to the Law Society’s Con29M Coal Mining and Brine Subsidence Claim enquiries. This report is prepared in accordance with the Law Society’s Guidance Notes 2006, the User Guide 2006 and the Coal Authority and Cheshire Brine Board’s Terms and Conditions applicable at the time the report was produced.


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