Introducing the Landmark Climate Change Report: Helping property professionals, property investors and businesses to understand how climate change could impact a property.

It is highly important to start reporting on climate change and the numbers can prove it:

  • 2022 was officially the warmest year on record for the UK (Source: BBC)
  • Large-scale action in all sectors of the economy will be required, including tackling emissions generated by the building stock, which accounts for 31% of our national emissions. (Souce: 
  • 25 percent of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to the built environment. (Source: 

The Landmark Climate Change Report is a desktop report, designed to enable property professionals to understand how climate change could impact a given residential or commercial property. Unlike other reports in the market, it benefits from understanding the concerns of both: 

  • Physical risks [flooding, subsidence, heat stress, coastal erosion]
  • Transition risks [energy performance]

The report is property specific, based on a UPRN, and doesn’t stop with providing just data; delivered in an intuitive format Landmark Climate Change Report gives property professionals the ability to inform clients with advice and recommendations relating to climate change.

Who is this report for?

The Landmark Climate Change Report is for real estate lawyers and residential conveyancers¿ who want to provide best practice due diligence and inform their clients on future climate change risks

The report gives the ability to inform on short, medium and long-term physical and transitional climate-related risks for a specific property with advice and recommendations if appropriate, delivered in an intuitive format unlike current reports in the market which provide unsupported data and little explanation in every environmental report, regardless of requirements.

Further reading

Landmark asked leading experts in their property-related fields to contribute to a white paper, which sets out the physical and transitional risks that the industry faces – and proposes workable solutions to the challenge of reporting on and responding to the risks. 

Read the executive summary of the Landmark Climate Change white paper here

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