Join us on the 31st January at 2PM for a free webinar with our partners LMS to demo their confirmly platform, showcasing some of its key features.

Robin Wells, Head of Sales Operations at OneSearch, and Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS will co-host this session, detailing the confirmly platform, its key features, and how your firm will benefit from this technology.

The webinar will run for around 30 minutes, with time at the end for any questions on confirmly, and how to get started. We will also be announcing an exciting incentive for OneSearch customers during this webinar. 

If you haven’t yet had the chance to try confirmly, here are some of the reasons why others are switching:

  • Law firm submitted data

Information is constantly updated and checked through 1000’s of direct interactions each year.

  • Simple to search

Powerful search functionality that delivers information fast.

  • Indemnified service

A trusted way to reduce transactional risks.

  • Easy access

Seamless integration with OneSearch

  • Reduce manual intervention without reducing risk

The latest technology keeps money transfers secure through the continual use of eCOT and checked bank account data.

For any questions on confirmly from LMS in the meantime, please contact