Join us on the 31st January at 2PM for a free webinar with our partners LMS to demo their confirmly platform, showcasing some of its key features.

Robin Wells, Head of Sales Operations at OneSearch, and Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS will co-host this session, detailing the confirmly platform, its key features, and how your firm will benefit from this technology.

The webinar will run for around 30 minutes, with time at the end for any questions on confirmly, and how to get started. We will also be announcing an exciting incentive for OneSearch customers during this webinar. 

If you haven’t yet had the chance to try confirmly, here are some of the reasons why others are switching:

  • Law firm submitted data

Information is constantly updated and checked through 1000’s of direct interactions each year.

  • Simple to search

Powerful search functionality that delivers information fast.

  • Indemnified service

A trusted way to reduce transactional risks.

  • Easy access

Seamless integration with OneSearch

  • Reduce manual intervention without reducing risk

The latest technology keeps money transfers secure through the continual use of eCOT and checked bank account data.

For any questions on confirmly from LMS in the meantime, please contact

FCI, the supplier of Chancel Check and Chancel Check Premium have recently imposed an increase of near 70% in the supply cost of their reports.

This increase has led to a significant price rise to both reports to enable us to continue to supply and support these reports for our customers. The new prices are listed below, and will start on the 7th November.

Product Name    Increase in supply cost       Price After 7th November   
ChancelCheck +£8.20 £31.20
ChancelCheck Premium +£32.40 £118.40

We are now able to offer a low-cost alternative to our customers. Launching on the 7th November, Landmark Chancel Residential and Landmark Chancel Commercial are cost-effective screening reports designed to identify historical parishes where a continuing Chancel liability exists. You can find out more about these products by downloading the following Residential Product Card and Sample Reports:

Landmark Chancel Residential Product Card

Landmark Chancel Residential Sample Report

The prices of Landmark Chancel Residential and Landmark Chancel Commercial are as follows:

Product Name    0-5 Acres   
Landmark Chancel Residential (ex. VAT) £23.00
Product Name    0-3 Acres       3-5 Acres       5-20 Acres       20-50 Acres       50-200 Acres   
Landmark Chancel Commercial (ex. VAT) £26.00 £35.00 £46.00 £78.00 £165.00

If you have either the Chancel Check and Chancel Check Premium products as part of your customer bundle, we will automatically swap these to the more cost-effective Landmark Chancel products, and you don’t need to do anything.

Should you wish to keep the Chancel Check and Chancel Check Premium products in your bundle and are happy with the cost increase, please contact your account manager to arrange this.

To discuss your options please email or get in touch with us on 0800 052 0117 and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

We would like to draw your attention to a OneSearch product update.

We are making a modification to the way we display detailed highways information on our OneSearch Prime, OneSearch Prime Commercial, and OneSearch Duo products.

Previously, the adoption status for highways would be displayed showing carriageway, footway, footpath, and verge status.

Going forward, we will be displaying highways status information in a more simplified manner.

These changes are effective immediately. For any immediate questions, please get in touch with our Customer Services team on 0800 052 0117 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

As the risk surrounding identity fraud and money laundering evolves, so too does the technology used to fight it. The introduction of a new industry benchmark from HM Land Registry has pulled ID verification into the 21st century.

This quick five-minute read will get you up to speed with this new touchstone, and the technology which has made it possible, detailing why its adoption can be of huge benefit for law firms and conveyancers.

What is the HM Land Registry Digital ID Standard?

  • In March 2021, HM Land Registry presented new guidance for a higher standard of identity verification within the industry.
  • This new benchmark encouraged the use of both biometric and cryptographic technology checks, which would offer a greater level of fraud prevention, as well as enhancing efficiency and convenience during client onboarding.
  • Upon conducting these checks, the conveyancer would have reached ‘Safe Harbour’ status for that case.

Why was it brought in?

“The current processes in conveyancing do not feel very 21st century and they have proved difficult to maintain in the current crisis. What can we do about it?”

  • A Land Registry blog post from May 2020 raised concerns around fraud prevention and identity checking practices within the industry.
  • The article spoke of the “inconvenience and inconsistency” of outdated, manual verification methods which relied on the variable factor of human ability, compared to the more modern electronic passport checking methods.
  • Fuelled in part by the COVID pandemic, embracing these modern methods would not only greatly reduce the need for face-to-face meetings, but allow the conveyancer to complete checks in a more efficient, convenient way.

What is Safe Harbour?

  • If solicitors and conveyancers adopt and adhere to these new guidelines, either for residential or commercial transactions, HMLR will consider them to have “taken reasonable steps” to verify customer identities, and they would have reached Safe Harbour.
  • This means that HMLR would not seek recourse against the conveyancer should the identity of their client confirmed later in the process to be inaccurate.

How do you reach Safe Harbour status?

  • The three stages are: obtaining evidence from the client, checking the validity of the evidence, and matching the identity to the evidence.
  • A fourth requirement is an additional check to be carried out by the conveyancer who represents a transferor, borrower, or lessor in the transaction.

What are the benefits to law firms?

  • Embracing this new yardstick of verification can provide an efficient, cost effective, and reliable approach to legally verifying if a person is genuine when buying or selling properties.
  • Advances in technology such as NFC in smartphones speed up the process, whilst AI authenticity checks can spot fake documents with fast and reliable ease. With these advances bringing peace of mind to a once problematic area of conveyancing, it’s understandable why these guidelines are being adopted in many law practices.

Now available on the OneSearch order portal is Biometric AML with NFC, our Safe Harbour-compliant identification check product, which uses encrypted, digitally signed data for an increased layer of credential authentication, giving you a stress-free and fully compliant AML check solution.

To find out more about Biometric AML with NFC, and ensure you reach Safe Harbour status for all your ID verification needs, check out the product page here, or call our Service Introduction Team on 01782 433 270 or email

OneSearch and Armalytix are delighted to invite you to an upcoming webinar, detailing the importance of Source of Funds checks in an ever-changing, ever-demanding industry.

The webinar, hosted by Robin Wells and Sheryl Hodgson, will cover an introduction to Armalytix and their history, as well as including:

  • What are the regulators saying?
  • Why is Source of Funds challenging?
  • How is Armalytix changing the Source of Funds landscape?
  • What is Open banking?

The webinar will take place on the 27th July, at 11AM. You can sign up for this webinar here.

If you can’t make this date, but would like a recording afterwards, email us here.

We would like to share the Q4 2021 edition of Landmark’s Property Trends Report, which provides a complete summary of the 2021 residential property transaction pipeline from listings through SSTC, search and finally completion milestones in England and Wales, compared to 2019.  

Key highlights include: 

  • The sustained imbalance of ‘supply versus demand’ continues to be the dominant pressure on activity levels in the England and Wales’ residential property industry  
  • Completions were 30% lower in October compared to 2019, following September’s significant rush to complete ahead of the end of the SDLT incentive  

We hope you find our trend reports useful. Please CLICK HERE to access a copy of the Property Trends report.