We have been made aware that the estimated turnaround time for regulated Local Searches in the Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council area is currently 40 working days.

This is due to a technical problem the council have with an internal system, which is causing significant delays. The estimated turnaround time for official Local Searches in this area is currently 85 working days.

If you do have an urgency with any particular case, or if unexpected delays have put the transaction at risk of collapse, we can support you with OneSearch Express, our indemnity policy which provides a data-rich alternative to standard No-Search Insurance, as it also includes a comprehensive report pertinent to a client’s property. Typically returned in just 24-48 hours, Express provides the majority of data (over 70%) that you would typically obtain from Local Authorities, meaning you and your client can complete quickly, and with more confidence.

Our clients have been using Express since 2015 for instances where search delays have put transactions at risk of collapse, and our claims record is exemplary: there are no claims resulting from our Express searches. This is due to the accuracy of our data, and triple quality check methodology. No other company exists with our dataset, comprised of real-time and historical CON29 data.

If you would like more information about OneSearch Express, please email intro@onesearchdirect.co.ukor call 01782 433270.

Our parent company Landmark have released their Residential Conveyancing and Home Movers’ experiences in 2022 guide, revealing the experiences from both sides of the conveyancing landscape.

Within the guide, you can discover:  

  • The four biggest causes of delays for residential conveyancers  
  • Which changes would improve the buying experience most  
  • Levels of buyer-concern around problems arising post-purchase  
  • The extent to which recruitment is still a challenge in the industry 

This guide is part of a series of market research analysis, conducted in late 2022, in which over 140 senior residential conveyancers and commercial real estate lawyers, along with colleagues and 501 home movers were surveyed. Over the coming weeks future reports on Digital Transformation and Climate Change will also be available.

Download the guide, explore the commonalities that may help professionals in the land and property industry to make more robust decisions in line with home movers’ needs. 


The Q3 2022 edition of Landmark’s GB Residential Property Trends Report is now live, providing summaries of the last quarter’s residential property transaction pipeline from listings to SSTC/SSTM, and from searches to completions.

The past quarter has been something of a mixed bag for the property market: a steady trend towards pre-pandemic transaction volumes, capped by the short, sharp shock of September’s ‘mini budget’. As the after-effects play out in real time, the previous three months’ data offers some insight into how the market may fare.


Headlines from Q3 include:

  • Supply overtakes demand in England and Wales, marking a reversal of the squeezed supply that has dominated in recent months.
  • At the back end of the pipeline, England and Wales completions were down on the 2019 benchmark.
  • Scottish completions, meanwhile, picked up in September on the back of strong SSTM volumes in the preceding months.


You can download the Cross Market Activity editions for both England & Wales and Scotland below to access the latest data and analysis on the UK property market during the third quarter of 2022. We hope you find them useful.


Are there any benefits of using a local search service for price, format and turnaround time? 

It’s an outdated misconception that personal local searches are somehow less reliable or don’t contain all the information of an official local authority search. 

At OneSearch Direct, we’re extremely proud of our OneSearch Prime service. We’ve worked hard to make it one of the most reliable ways of getting all the information you need from your local authority and presenting it in a clear, uniform format at a fixed price regardless of location.  

We consider the Prime Regulated Local Authority Search our flagship product and attribute its longstanding success to the way it meets the needs of our clients. 

By providing the information essential to every conveyancing transaction, OneSearch Prime will identify and confirm key information about a property which could impact the buying decision.

Fixed price, dedicated customer service support and standard £10 million PI Cover

Here are 7 reasons to choose OneSearch Prime Regulated Local Authority Searches: 

  1. Fixed price nationwide for easy and transparent pricing 
  2. £10 million PI Cover for all OneSearch Prime reports 
  3. Same clear, easy-to-read layout for all local authorities, with summary page upfront 
  4. Dedicated support teams give us the resilience to manage staffing, IT or resource challenges 
  5. Our customer service agents typically answer the phone within three rings, and work hard to resolve your query without putting you on hold 
  6. You can order all your searches on one, fully supported ordering platform 
  7. Highly trained and experienced customer service team is on hand 8:30 am to 5:00 pm to answer your queries 

Of course, for those who still want to order official searches, you can still do this through the OneSearch ordering platform, we just wouldn’t be able to offer the same turnaround times and price. 

With OneSearch Prime, ordering aRegulated Local Authority search is efficient and cost-effective 

One of the major benefits of ordering OneSearch Prime is the ease with which you can order all your searches at the same time. You don’t have to log on to multiple sites, repeating the same information. All your reports will be delivered to the same place, making case management easier and more efficient. 

OneSearch Prime was created to make your life easier and to add a layer of resilience to the delivery of your searches by applying a dedicated personal search team to the collection and collation of data. 

With OneSearch Prime, you can expect: 

  • High Quality Search – Database methodology, stringent quality control checks and experienced staff  
  • Standard Format – All OneSearch Prime searches are presented in a clear and uniform format 
  • Summary Page – The first page is colour-coded and highlights the most pertinent information  
  • Fixed Price – Our OneSearch Prime search costs the same, nationwide 
  • Cost-Effective – OneSearch Prime is more cost-effective in the majority of cases 
  • Protection – Our searches are backed by £10 million PI cover for errors and omissions in the Local Authorities records 
  • Lenders – OneSearch Prime is accepted by the majority of mortgage lenders in the UK, and in the unlikely event it isn’t, OneSearch Direct will switch your search to an Official Local Authority Search
  • Best yet, we will always try and accommodate urgent requests.

View our Official vs Regulated Local Authority search comparison table here.

For more information and a sample report, please click here or email intro@onesearchdirect.co.uk.

We’re delighted to now offer Landmark’s Plansearch Plus for only £5 when purchased with a RiskView Residential. This combined product provides full environmental due diligence for every transaction, protecting your clients investment and the reputation of your practice.

Each time a RiskView Residential environmental report is ordered alongside a Plansearch Plus report, the environmental and planning application data will be added automatically to an online, interactive map viewer, which helps to visually ‘bring to life’ the findings. This means homeowners can instantly see where any potential environmental risks may be present within a 250m proximity of the property, in addition to active/pending/approved residential and commercial planning applications up to a 750m radius via the mapped viewer.

Contact your account manager to add it to your bundles TODAY!