We wanted to make you aware of some additional costs which can occasionally affect our Regulated DW searches.

Whilst Water Authorities are responsible for the vast majority of the water and sewerage infrastructure in England and Wales, there are five smaller private water companies who have the responsibility of maintaining the water and sewerage infrastructure in small pockets of developments.

In situations when a property falls within the boundary of a private water company, additional fees will apply to our Regulated DW searches to account for additional costs applied by these private water companies.

This volume of cases that this affects is extremely low and applies to less than 0.25% of our total Regulated DW searches.

Should any order containing a Regulated DW search fall within the boundary of a private water company, OneSearch will contact you in advance of progressing your order to advise of the additional costs and provide alternative DW products were applicable.

It may be advisable to include this in your client care letters to notify clients of any potential costs.

Water Authority Additional Cost
CON29DW Albion Water   
CON29DW ICOSA Water    
CON29DW Independent water Networks   
CON29DW Leep Networks (Water) Ltd   
CON29DW Veolia Water   

For any immediate questions, please get in touch with our Customer Services team on 0800 052 0117 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Could sustainable growth be making a welcome return to UK property market? 

The Q1 2022 editions of our parent company Landmark’s England & Wales and Scotland Property Trends Reports have just launched, providing summaries of the last quarter’s residential property transaction pipeline from listings to SSTC/SSTM, and from searches to completions. 

Headlines from Q1 include:

  • Signs of a return towards pre-pandemic volumes across transaction milestones, including SSTC/SSTM.
  • Supply and demand appear to be finally evening out, after more than a year of a supply-squeezed pipeline.
  • Completions are returning to 2019 level, suggesting more ‘normal’ and consistent caseloads for conveyancers.

You can download the Cross Market Activity editions for both England & Wales and Scotland here to access the latest data and analysis on the UK property market during the first quarter of 2022. We hope you find them useful.

Please be advised of the following price and product update from Severn Trent Water, which has been reproduced below for your information:

Introducing the CON29DW Commercial Extra
We will be making some important changes to our commercial drainage search from Thursday 1st April 2021, with the launch of our new CON29DW Commercial Extra.

This date will see the launch of our brand new Commercial Extra CON29DW. Produced in collaboration with the Law Society, the redesigned search combines all the same information our customers are familiar with, with a new one-size-fits-all approach.

The CON29DW Commercial Extra will replace our current three-tier system, which comprises the Commercial Basic, Standard and Extra searches. The CON29DW Commercial Extra contains all the information included in our current premium Commercial Extra, along with two new questions and answers, up to four sets of billing details as standard and at a set price of just £254 incl. VAT, compared with £313.20 incl. VAT for the current Commercial Extra.

Your account manager will be in touch to discuss how this may affect your bundles, but if you have any immediate questions please get in touch with our Customer Services team on 0800 052 0117 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient alternative to the CON29DW, OneSearch DW has become a key report in residential transactions. 

A pioneer of the ‘traffic light’ (green, amber, red) alert system, the report is used by a growing number of solicitors to identify the connection status of the Mains Water, Foul Sewer and Surface Water Sewer of clients’ properties, and recognises instantly if any aspect of the search results requires further attention. The addition of insurance for unavailable data, provided by Stewart Title Ltd, has made OneSearch DW an even more comprehensive alternative to the CON29DW.


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OneSearch DW sample report