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TerraSearch Coal Extra – Commercial thumbnail
TerraSearch Coal Extra – Commercial thumbnail
TerraSearch Coal Extra – Commercial thumbnail
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TerraSearch Coal Extra – Commercial

Supplied by: Terrafirma


TerraSearch Coal, provided by Terrafirma, the UK’s local mining and ground stability experts, is a CON29M compliant report, including all Coal Authority data, a built-in loss of value insurance policy and that answers the official CON29M questions to satisfy Law Society and Lender compliance.

TerraSearch Coal Extra includes all features of TerraSearch Coal, with the addition of alerts for 55 additional coal mining hazards. It also includes a "No Risk" certificate where the non-coal risk screen has a "pass" status.

What are the benefits?

  • Residential “CON29M-compliant report (past, present and planned extraction)
  • All Coal Authority (TCA) official licensed data
  • Uses additional data sources
  • TerraSearch Coal and Brine Report Indemnity Policy of up to £50,000 loss in market value of the property
  • Additional professional interpretation
  • “Pass” or “Further Action” outcome with concluding statement to be inserted into a client care letter
  • Report author’s contact details provided for direct support queries
  • £10 million liability limit per report
  • Delivered within two days (48 hours)

A professional opinion is provided within each report protected by £10 million liability available to all parties within a property transaction, ensuring the prospective homeowner and lender is better protected from incorrect or missing information.

View our sample report for full details.

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