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Landmark Plansearch Plus and DevAssess thumbnail
Landmark Plansearch Plus and DevAssess thumbnail
Landmark Plansearch Plus and DevAssess thumbnail
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Landmark Plansearch Plus and DevAssess

Supplied by: Landmark


This combined product incorporates Landmark's Plansearch Plus with the DevAssess Report by DevAssist.

1. Plansearch Plus

Plansearch Plus provides extension information about proposed developments, planning decisions on larger applications and essential information about the local area, including facilities, house prices, education and crime rates. Additionally there is a summary of key local amenities.

What’s Included:

  • Planning applications
  • Land use designations
  • Housing and neighbourhood demographics
  • Amenities and education
  • Rights of way

The Plansearch Plus report includes the addition of useful ‘neighbourhood’ information; such as the location of telecoms masts, local footpaths, nearby schools and their performance, housing types and average prices, population demographics and local amenities. This will better inform your client, ensuring they are aware of planning decisions and socio-demographic knowledge within the surrounding area of their potential property.

2. DevAssess

DevAssess establishes the development risk within a 75m radius from the centre of the property and identifies the new build development potential of the property. Combining existing planning information with a comprehensive investigation that exposes unexploited development sites, DevAssess reveals relevant potential development activity to homebuyers and nuisance planning applications that could affect the homebuyers enjoyment of the property. Altered views and loss of privacy can significantly reduce the value of some properties.

The report also identifies the new build development potential of the property. By exposing the hidden value, buyers could make a home an even better investment.

The report includes:

  • Planning data included at no extra cost
  • Identification of relevant historic planning applications within the search radius
  • Explanation of Local Plan Policy
  • Identification of potential future development sites where no relevant planning history exists
  • Identification of land allocated for development where no relevant planning history exists
  • Identification of development potential of the property
  • OS Mapping identifying potential development sites

View product card and sample report for full details.

Estimated turnaround time: 3 - 5 days
Price (inc. VAT): £96.00

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