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Landmark Coal + RiskView Residential

Supplied by: Landmark


With an ever-increasing need for property conveyancers to be both compliant as well as cost effective, Landmark are pleased to offer a report bundle combining Landmark Coal with our market leading 'all-in-one' report, RiskView Residential. This will allow you to support your clients with best-in-class data and assessments whilst providing complete environmental due diligence promptly, delivering an efficient speedier service.

Landmark Coal

The Landmark Regulated Coal Report is a CIE Regulated assessment of coal risk that provides a detailed assessment regarding environmental or ground stability hazards resulting from past, current or future underground or opencast mining activities. It also includes information relating to subsidence claims, mine entry points, surface hazards and mining geology that may impact on a property.

What’s included

The Landmark Regulated Coal Report assesses the impact of the following:

  • Automated ‘Zones of Influence’ calculations
  • Potential mining risk areas
  • Mining abandonment plans
  • Mine entries
  • Mining Geology
  • Underground workings
  • Underground roadways
  • Opencast mining
  • Subsidence claims
  • Surface hazards
  • Mine gas incidents
  • Includes a Professional Opinion on next steps if hazards are found
  • Answers and provides expert opinion on all 11 CON29M questions as set out by the Law Society
  • Additional appendices will provide interpretive answers where mine entries and/or subsidence claims are referred to in the report
  • Simple ‘traffic light’ summary provides instant clarity on report findings
  • User friendly informative sections to explain the nature of any risk

Landmark RiskView Residential

RiskView Residential is an all-in-one environmental report, with the added bonus of a digital viewer for the home buyer. Provides concise and easy to interpret Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Hazards and Energy & Infrastructure risk data, as well as interactive maps and further information for the buyer. RiskView Residential will include planning applications and planning constraints data, as standard.

RiskView Residential also now benefits from an increased remediation, from £100,000 to £250,000 which is the highest protection available in the market.

What's included?

  • Front page risk summary and clear ‘next steps’
  • Full desktop assessment of 4 environmental risks
  • Landmark’s unique risk assessed land register data
  • Contaminated Land excess free remediation contribution
  • Landmark’s unique interactive viewer
  • PI cover of £10 million


View our product card and sample report for full details.

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