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Supplied by: CLS


ChancelCheck is a ‘screening’ report designed to identify whether a property is within a parish that still retains the potential to charge for the cost of repairs to its church chancel. ChancelCheck issues either a report stating that there is a potential liability within the parish or a certificate confirming that there is no risk identified for the parish. If a potential liability is identified, it is recommended that additional insurance is then taken out.

As ChancelCheck identifies potential chancel repair liability for property owners, it should be considered in every transaction.

ChancelCheck combines:

  • historical parish boundary data
  • modern Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping techniques
  • information derived from the relevant Inland Revenue Index held by the National Archive

Please note: ChancelCheck does not identify if the property itself is at risk; only if it sits in a parish with liabilities.

Estimated turnaround time: 1 - 2 days
Price (inc. VAT): £24.00

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