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ChancelCheck Premium thumbnail
ChancelCheck Premium thumbnail
ChancelCheck Premium thumbnail
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ChancelCheck Premium

Supplied by: CLS


Designed for any commercial/residential property, where the property radius is over 25 metres, ChancelCheck Premium is a unique, online, low cost screening report, designed to analyse a large area of land to identify if there is potential to charge for repairs to the parish church chancel.

What are the benefits?

ChancelCheck Premium will screen your property against the National Archives and County Records Office data, providing:

  • Results delivered instantly via email
  • Online availability, 24/7
  • A simple, easy to use ordering system

The results

Once the ChancelCheck® Premium has been ordered, it will be returned to you instantly, with one of two results:

  • Certificate – If the area of land selected falls with a parish or parishes that do not have the ability to claim for chancel repair liability, the search will be received as a Certificate.
  • Report – If the area of land selected falls within a parish or parishes having the ability to claim for chancel repair liability, a potential liability will be returned, and the search will come back as a report. 

Estimated turnaround time: Approximately 1 day
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