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Argyll EstateSolutions Farm thumbnail
Argyll EstateSolutions Farm thumbnail
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Argyll EstateSolutions Farm

Supplied by: Argyll Environmental


Specialist contaminated land and flood risk report for farms and large land holdings. Also includes extensive data such as the existence of environmental permits, water abstraction licences, and sensitive habitats.

Use this report to understand:

  • If historic activities could result in liability for the land owner under contaminated land legislation
  • If environmental permits are held for the land or by neighbouring land / properties
  • If the farm holds any Water Abstraction Licenses
  • If Rights of Way traverse the farm
  • If the main types of flooding - groundwater, surface water, coastal and river are likely to effect the land
  • The potential farm productivity via Agricultural Land Classification
  • Sensitive Habitats both on the site and in the immediate surrounding areas
  • If there are archaeological areas of significance on the site including listed buildings

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