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NSR Chancel Insurance

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Please be advised that as of the 1st of April, the cost of OneSearch NSR Chancel Insurance will be as follows:
  • OneSearch NSR Chancel Insurance (up to £500,000) £12.50 inc. IPT
  • OneSearch NSR Chancel Insurance (up to £1 Million) £19.50 inc. IPT
A surprisingly high number of people who live close to a church are unaware that they could be liable for contributing to the cost of repairing its chancel. This is due to an ancient law which many believe is unenforceable, although this is simply not the case.
NSR (No Search Required) Chancel Insurance has been developed to bring property owners peace of mind. Given the historic nature of the liability, it can take a considerable amount of time for a lawyer to research and establish which legal responsibilities are attached to a particular property.
NSR Chancel Insurance covers the property owner for any claims from the church without the need for onerous investigations. It is a swift, cost-effective solution that increasing numbers of property owners are using.
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