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Flood Risk - Why it Matters

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In a recent conversation with a solicitor, one of our Regional Managers discovered a glaring misconception about flood risk. The solicitor believed they were covered for all flood risk when they purchased a particular environmental report. When we pointed out that it didn't risk assess surface water and groundwater flooding, they were quite surprised. As they wanted to ensure their client was correctly advised – in light of recent heavy rainfall – they immediately changed all future orders to ensure all flood risk was being properly assessed. We fear this may not be an isolated incident, and we want to make sure you are fully cognizant of the different types of flood risk, and of the responsibilities you have to your clients. Flooding has a significant impact on properties of all types (not just those that flood themselves, but also those in areas where access routes may flood), especially for insurability, business interruption, lending and decrease in value. We are teaming up with Landmark Information Group to offer you this free CPD webinar, which will provide an overview of how the various flood risk types can affect both residential and commercial property transactions. Taking place TODAY at 2pm, you will also learn ways to help clients understand the risks and take action to address potential problems. Programme Content: 
  • The nature of flood risk – the scale and why it matters to clients
  • The main types of flooding compliance, guidance, and the Law Society Flood Risk Practice Note
  • The potential impact on a transaction
  • Current status of insurance – including the Flood Re scheme
  • Flood resistance and resilience
  • Flood data and reports
You can register for this webinar by clicking here. Places are limited to 100, so please secure your place now to avoid disappointment.