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Delayed Searches: Latest Updates

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As with all search companies, we are currently experiencing a fluctuation in response times from Local Authorities who are struggling to cope with the higher volume of searches and, as a result, are taking much longer to process regulated search results.

Please be assured we are working closely with Local Authorities to ensure the quickest turnaround and thank you for your patience. We are doing everything in our power to keep transactions moving.

Currently, many councils have a backlog for processing regulated search results, which is increasing daily. We understand the impact that delays can have on transactions and would therefore like to offer the following options as an alternative solution:

  • To reduce the turnaround time for the OneSearch Prime, some councils will return the results faster for an additional fee. Price and turnaround vary by council.
  • Change your OneSearch Prime to our OneSearch Express product which is a comprehensive insurance policy of £1 Million, combined with real-time Local Search Enquiries (CON29R Data). Express can typically be returned in 2-5 working days.
  • In some cases, changing your OneSearch Prime to an official Local Authority Search can reduce turnaround times. Price and turnaround vary by council.

Referral panel or introducer work: Please ensure you liaise with the originating referral panel or introducer prior to amending any search pack.

Please note: as these turnaround times are increasing daily, we strongly advise you utilise one of the above options to increase the likelihood of achieving completion before the Stamp Duty holiday deadline.

Should you wish to amend your order with any of the above options, please email us at stating your order number, and we will endeavour to action your request as quickly as possible.

Please click here to view the latest extended turnarounds for all regulated local authority searches. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.