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2015 Review - 3.5m searches on the horizon

2015 Review - 3.5m searches on the horizon header image

2015 Review

We are celebrating a successful 2015 with the news that we have processed over 3.4 million searches since our inception in 1992. Searches include Regulated Local, Drainage and Water, Ancillary, and even Official Council searches obtained via the OneSearch Direct ordering platform. It has been an exceptional year for OneSearch, starting with the appointment of Elizabeth Jarvis as managing director, and Marcus Noble as chairman. In April we created a dedicated Highways Team, and it has been going from strength to strength, supplying OneSearch data for the ‘SiteSolutions Highways’ report by Landmark Information Group. Combatting conveyancing fraud and cyber attacks has also been a priority for OneSearch in 2015, with the integration of an automated facility to access Lawyer Checker results, followed swiftly by joining forces with Fresh Skies to offer mkryptor email encryption, winner of the IFSEC Awards Cyber Security Solution of the Year. In October, our brand new website was released, to spearhead the launch of several exciting changes. This includes our intelligent ordering platform with valuable tools to customise solicitor preferences, and an enhanced Search Adviser facility to identify all relevant searches required for your property. We also developed a Conveyancer’s Toolkit to give you a clearer insight into your client’s potential risks, incorporating a free, editable Quote Tool for increasing conversions. Liz Jarvis, managing director, OneSearch Direct, comments: “I’m absolutely delighted at how much we’ve accomplished this year and, to that end, I’m not surprised we’ve broken the 3.4 million searches mark. Our loyal staff are incredibly hard working, and I’m confident it won’t be long until we’ve smashed through the 3.5 million barrier too. “We can attribute the rise in volume of our local and drainage searches not only to the accuracy of our real-time CON29 datasets, but also to the fact we successfully secured £10 million Professional Indemnity insurance in September. “This protects against the unlikely event of errors and omissions by OneSearch, and – for the first time – safeguards solicitors against any mistakes that may originate from council and water company datasets. “Month after month we’re breaking records, not only for our OneSearch Prime Regulated Authority search, but in our Drainage & Water report, and also for environmental searches. Compliance has always been a hot topic in this industry, and it’s something any solicitor worth their salt is committed to achieving. “This, I believe, is why our search volume is moving in the direction it is, and I’m heartened to be a part of this development within conveyancing. “Solicitors have been trusting OneSearch since 1992 and, when it comes to accurate and efficient searches, they know where experience matters.” We look forward to working with you all in 2016!