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Landmark Sitecheck Assess (With Professional Opinion) thumbnail
Landmark Sitecheck Assess (With Professional Opinion) thumbnail
Landmark Sitecheck Assess (With Professional Opinion) thumbnail
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Landmark Sitecheck Assess (With Professional Opinion)

Supplied by: Landmark


A comprehensive contaminated land risk assessment, designed to highlight any potential risk of contaminated land, as defined under Part 2A of the Environment Protection Act 1990. The report also includes a flood screen and identifies any energy & infrastructure projects (such as fracking & HS2).

What's included:

  • Front page risk summary and clear ‘next steps’
  • Consultant’s professional opinion
  • Current and historical land use
  • Flood screen
  • Energy & Infrastructure projects screen
  • Environmental constraints 

Expert professional opinion included
Every report comes with expert professional opinion from Argyll Environmental, providing clear commercial guidance on the likelihood that the property will be designated as ‘contaminated land’ under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Key features

  • Main risks clearly summarised, on the front page
  • Clear recommendations and next steps, allowing lawyers and
  • conveyancers to cut and paste key information for their clients
  • Free re-review of any Further Action contaminated land reports simply send in relevant information and we will review

Unique and updated environmental data

Includes Landmark Information Group’s unique risk assessed land register data, which continues to capture details of properties deemed as unlikely to be designated as contaminated land – greatly improving the efficiency of transactions and negating the need for ‘Further Action’.

Expert Recommendations and Professional Opinion
Every Sitecheck Assess report comes with recommendations and professional opinion from Landmark Information Group and our inhouse environmental experts Argyll Environmental, providing clear and positive guidance, which can easily be relayed to your clients. We also have a highly skilled and experienced Customer Services team who are happy to assist you with any questions you might have about the report.

Prefer an all-in-one report?
RiskView incorporates the data and assessment of 12 key environmental risks covering contaminated land, flood, ground hazards including radon and energy and infrastructure, highlighting risks and information that may impact the future enjoyment and saleability of the property. 

Please view sample report and product card for more details.

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